Ready To Reveal The Root Causes And Move Forward?

Have you been to many health professionals but not been helped?

Are you feeling sick and tired but your medical tests keep coming back normal? 

Have you tried different conventional or natural approaches without substantial results and you don't know what to do next?

Feel like giving up?

I know how frustrating this is, but don't give up!

Instead, let me help you put the missing puzzle pieces together through functional testing and move you from being stuck to recovery mode.

What Is Functional Testing?

Functional Blood Testing

Functional Testing by private laboratories relies on the latest scientific research and provides detailed information about various markers of your health.

I use this technology to pinpoint the exact biochemical and physiological causes and reveal where your nutritional, gastrointestinal, immune, hormonal, metabolic or genetic imbalances are. 

This way I can reduce the "guesswork" and develop treatment protocols that are precise and address the root causes directly, bringing you faster and more successful outcomes.

If you have been in pain for a long time or struggling with a debilitating chronic disease, you don't want to waste more time on trial and error approaches.



Functional Testing can help with identifying the following:

• Digestive dysfunction

• Bacterial overgrowth

• Fungal infections

• Leaky gut

• Parasites

• Nutrient deficiencies

• Food intolerances

• Allergies

• Antibodies/Coeliac


• Chronic fatigue

• Detoxification issues

• Genetic mutations

• Heavy metal toxicity

• Chemical sensitivities

• Metabolic syndrome

• Thyroid disorders

• Adrenal stress

• Sex hormone issues

• Neurotransmitters

While functional tests are highly beneficial, you need to understand one thing.

Functional Testing doesn't diagnose health conditions. That only your medical doctor can do.

What functional testing does is give you a clearer, more precise picture of the state of your health and the underlying biochemical imbalances which are often overlooked by conventional testing methods.

When there are concerns that you have a health condition that has been undiagnosed, I will have to refer you back to your General Practitioner for diagnosis and conventional testing.

If you are serious about your health and want to take a scientific approach and work with more effective treatment protocols, click on the button below.