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Are You Living Your Life In Autoimmune Hell? 

Are you crippled by an overactive immune system or have been living with a chronic symptom for a long time? Do you desperately want to improve your health?

Look no further; you have come to the right place.

You have probably tried a lot of pills - but your body fights back. It is as if your body doesn’t want to get better. The painful but harsh truth is that modern medicine as it is currently set up doesn’t always fix all your problems, and may come with side effects.

I just want to let you know that there is a better way…

Dealing with the root cause simplifies the process and taking things step by step makes it easier to reverse. This is where I come in when you sign up for my programme.

Using food and naturopathic nutrition, I will help you deal with the underlying imbalance of your problems and together, we will follow the steps needed to regain your health.


"The War Against Your Own Body"

Autoimmunity occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks your tissues leading to inflammation, debilitating pain and dysfunction.

It can be compared to a self-destructive war against your own body; you are fighting with yourself and at the same time are trapped in this never-ending war. 

When the immune system is activated this way, it can attack healthy tissues and cells anywhere - from organs and glands to joints and bones, to blood vessels and the nervous system.

If your autoimmunity is not brought back under control, your confused immune system may start destroying your body from the inside out.

This could lead to the development of an autoimmune disease, so prevention, as always, is the key.


*These conditions require medical attention and treatment.

• Coeliac disease

• Ulcerative colitis

• Crohn's disease

• Rheumatoid arthritis

• Ankylosing spondylitis

• Reactive arthritis

• Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

• Graves disease

• Addison's disease

My Approach To Supporting Your Immune System

Facing an autoimmune challenge alone is frustrating as it blocks you from feeling alive and fulfilled. 

The medication used will suppress the symptoms but won't fix the root causes. The better way is to address the underlying immune system disturbance and bring the body back in balance. 

Unfortunately, this is not an overnight process, and there is no quick fix to a fully developed autoimmune disease. But there is a lot that can be done to improve the situation and take back control of your health. 

I am here to help.

If you have an autoimmune symptom, you may also have intestinal permeability or "leaky gut". And if you want to restore your health and turn off your immune system over-reaction, first you must stop harmful substances getting into your blood stream.

I can help you achieve this through my 5R Step process that supports healthy gut permeability and brings the gut-brain axis back into balance.

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Imagine Your Life 12 Months From Now

Have you ever asked yourself the question how your life could change in 12 months from today?

The truth is that no matter how long you have been living with your symptoms, when the right conditions are provided with your body can heal and regenerate.

So just stop for a moment and imagine the transformational changes that can manifest in your health if you are ready to take actions today.

Imagine changes like this:

Repaired gut with healthy appetite and proper digestion

Boost in energy and vitality

A sense of ease and vital well-being

Balanced immune system that protects you instead of harming you

Strong and flexible joints

Restored endocrine function

Beautiful hair and glowing skin

Optimistic outlook on your future, and feeling free, alive and healthy

And more!


What your Programme Includes

Comprehensive Health Questionnaire

Fill it out and email back to me prior to the consultation. This will include your medical history, health symptoms, food and lifestyle choices.

1 h 45 min Foundational Naturopathic Consultation 

We will discuss your symptoms, eating habits, lifestyle choices, health goals and natural supplementation and lay down the basis of your long term programme.

7 x 50 min Advanced Naturopathic Consultations

Scheduled 6 weeks apart. At each visit we will review your symptoms and your progress, and discuss the next steps to advance your programme.  

Naturopathic Report

5 to 15 page long PDF Report will be emailed to you within 7 days of each consultation. The report will include a detailed summary of your programme and the steps you need to follow in order to get better.


Recipes matching your recommended diet can be provided and emailed to you in a PDF format.

Email Support

We will stay in touch through email on a weekly basis and will follow up your progress and challenges.

Functional Tests 

Private lab tests at additional costs may be recommended to get a real picture of what is happening inside of your body.

1 Foundational + 7 Advanced Programmes Recommended


Thank you so much for all of your help on helping me to manage my Hashimotos, I really feel meeting and working with you had a huge impact on our positive result. He is doing well and we feel very lucky and grateful to have him. I went for a thyroid blood test yesterday so it will be good to keep an eye on the levels post birth. I am going to definitely continue not having gluten and dairy but would be interested in introducing various things like legumes back in gradually. We are moving out of London in a few weeks so sadly I don't think I'll be able to come back and see you in the foreseeable future. I hope you are well and thank you again."
Olga, Teacher


Let's Work Together!

If you are ready to take control back of your health through a balanced diet and lifestyle, I invite you to work together! 

You have nothing to lose, but could gain a lot!