Thank you for being here. Please kindly note that currently I am only available for online appointments. Thank you for your understanding.

I'm glad to have you here! But before you get started, I would like to make sure that I'm the right naturopathic practitioner for you. So here are a few points on how I work and what you will be requested to do in order to get better:

 My aim with my programmes is to reduce inflammation, heal your leaky gut & leaky brain, and balance the immune system. This can be achieved by creating the right conditions for your body to heal which also include eliminating major food triggers such as: processed foods, gluten, dairy, high lectin foods (e.g. gluten-free grains, legumes & pulses, nuts & seeds), night shades and artificial sweeteners & additives. 

I don't work with Vegans and Vegetarians, as my dietary programmes are based on Paleo, Auto-immune Protocol/Paleo and Lectin Avoidance diets. These diets are best suited for healing the gut, restoring brain function and stabilising the immune system. Vegans and Vegetarians often eat the very foods that I recommend to avoid.

• I do recommend supplementation along with my dietary recommendations. These come with extra costs. The average cost for supplementation is £150 - £200 per programme. While changing your diet and lifestyle can be extremely helpful on their own, the clients I work with need extra support through supplementation. 

• In order to achieve results you have to be ready to commit yourself to my programmes over a longer period of time (3 months +). I can only help you if we work closely together. I take time to research your conditions and symptoms and I individualise my approach based on that. 

Waiting list

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Disclaimer: I practice as a Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist in London, and I 'm not a qualified medical doctor. I'm not able to diagnose or treat health conditions, or advise on prescribed medication. Instead, I support and optimise your body's natural ability to correct the underlying physical and biochemical imbalances, so your body can heal itself. If I suspect that there is an underlying health problem that hasn't been diagnosed, I will reefer you back to your General Practitioner for a health investigation.

Foundational Programme - £200

Includes a 1 h 45 minutes Initial One-to-One consultation and a 6-8-week starter programme.

Advanced Programme - £160

Includes a 45 minutes one-to-one consultation and 6-8-week follow up programme.


You can make payment through Paypal, credit/debit card on my Website or via Bank Transfer  prior to the consultation, or in cash at the time of the consultation.


Functional Testing comes with additional costs. 

If you decide to go ahead with functional testing, I will order the test kit from the laboratory to be sent to your home address. The instructions on how to obtain the sample will be provided on the test kit.

A typical test will involve a stool, saliva, urine or finger prick blood sample that can be taken at home at your own convenience. The sample then will have to be sent back to the laboratory promptly. However, in certain cases, a blood draw might be necessary, and in such cases, you will need to attend the private laboratory's phlebotomy centre. I will provide you with all the information if this becomes necessary.

The results of your tests can be expected in 2 weeks time. You will need to make payment directly to the lab, before receiving your results.