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Could "Leaky Gut" Impair Your Health

Are you suffering from gut symptoms, food sensitivities, allergies, weight problems or other health imbalances?

Or perhaps you feel constantly tired, irritated, anxious or struggle with dry skin, hormonal issues or autoimmunity?

Have you ever considered that there may be a problem with your gut, which may be making your symptoms worse or even causing them in the first place?

The name of this possible underlying cause is Increased Intestinal Permeability, also known as “Leaky Gut”.

It was discovered by accident in the 1980’s, but despite many tests that link it to chronic conditions, it is not medically proven to cause health problems.

And as a result it is often overlooked.


The Potential Cause Of Gut Problems Your Doctor Will Never Mention?

Leaky Gut Recovery London

Leaky Gut occurs when your Small Intestine gets damaged and becomes more permeable than it should be.

As a result, toxic chemicals, undigested food particles and microbial waste begin to leak through your intestinal lining and into your blood stream.

Once inside your blood, these foreign particles travel to different areas of your body and overstimulate the immune system, promoting inflammation and starting the development of chronic problems.

Instead of keeping you healthy, your damaged gut lining is letting your body break down from the inside out.



• Constipation

• Diarrhoea

• Food sensitivities

• Yeast overgrowth

Low energy

• Autoimmunity

• Allergies

• Mood swings

• Menstrual problems

• Hectic lifestyle

• Dry skin

• Hormonal issues

My Approach To Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut can be a complex issue that varies from person to person.

The problem it causes depends on the intestinal damage and where the undigested molecules are leaking into your body. 

These substances could end up anywhere and often cause chaos, triggering the immune system to overreact and start the inflammation process, leading to the development of chronic symptoms.

And as a result your health may be declining. But there is hope.

I can help you take control back of your health by addressing the underlying causes and optimising your gut function.

Hippocrates said it more than 2000 years ago, but research has only recently revealed that gut health is essential to overall health, and that a damaged gut lining can lead to a wide range of symptoms.

leaky gut london

My approach is simple and practical. It involves the following:

Reveal The Root Causes

Remove Microbes & Toxins

Restore Your Gut

Reset The HPA Axis

Recharge Your Brain

It Feels Amazing When Your Body Starts To Heal...

When you address your gut issues, your body will start healing from the inside out and you will be well on your way to feeling yourself again...

The body has an amazing ability to self-heal, and once you halt the damaging effects caused by your lifestyle choices, it can finally do what it was naturally programmed to do, which is to heal and repair.

When that happens, you will notice some amazing things like this…

A happy tummy and reliable digestive system

Abundant energy that lasts all day

Alleviation of food sensitivities and allergies

Strong immune system

Mental clarity and increased focus

A smile on your face and the joy of living

And more!


What your Programme Includes

Comprehensive Health Questionnaire

Fill it out and email back to me prior to the consultation. This will include your medical history, health symptoms, food and lifestyle choices.

1 h 20 min Foundational Naturopathic Consultation 

 We will discuss your symptoms, eating habits, lifestyle choices, health goals and natural supplementation and lay down the basis of your 6 month programme.

55 min Advanced Naturopathic Consultation

Scheduled 6 weeks apart from the first consultation. We will review your symptoms, food and lifestyle and assess your progress based on the health aims we set at the first consultation. 

Naturopathic Report

5 to 15 page long PDF Report will be emailed to you within 7 days of each consultation. The report will include a detailed summary of your programme and the steps you need to follow in order to get better.


Recipes matching your recommended diet can be provided and emailed to you in a PDF format.

Email Support

We will stay in touch through email on a weekly basis and will follow up your progress and challenges.

Functional Tests 

Private lab tests at additional costs may be recommended to get a real picture of what is happening inside of your body.

or in Instalments of £150 + £110 paid on a 6-weekly basis


Since applying the dietary recommendations based on my food sensitivity test, my digestion has improved and I now also have stable energy throughout the day and I know which foods will flare up the symptoms again. I am really happy that I did the food sensitivity test as it didn't just show that I am reacting to gluten and dairy, but it also showed other type of foods that I am reacting to. Eliminating these foods really made a difference in my energy and how I feel during the day."

Emma, Event Manager (37 y.o.)

Leaky Gut

Let's Work Together!

If you are ready to make changes to your health and truly heal through the food you eat, we should work together! 

You have nothing to lose, but your symptoms!