Coronavirus Preventitive Actions

The Coronavirus Covid-19 is expected to spread in the UK and across Europe. While there is currently no cure for the virus, there are several things you can do to strengthen your immune system in order to prevent the infection or speed up the recovery of the symptoms.

This below is general supplementation and food advice and it doesn't replace medical treatment. If you become infected or you suspect that you have come into contact with someone who might be infected, it is essential that you seek medical advice and treatment. While Covid-19 is benign for most people, if you have an underlying health condition you can potentially have severe health consequences if not treated promptly.

People with lung problems, heart problems, kidney issues or weakened immune system are more susceptible to complications. Elderly people, smokers and men in general with certain genetic mutations are also more susceptible to the virus.

Supplement Essentials

NatraSan spray - is an all natural and completely safe disinfectant spray that contains Hypochlorous acid which is a biocide produced by the human immune system. It is highly effective against all kind of microbes including bacteria and viruses. Purchase an empty nasal bottle and use this  spray as a nasal spray. Spray it into your mouth, ears and eyes every 2 hours if you are travelling in public or when you suspect you have come into contact with someone who might be infected. If you get infected, keep using the spray. You can also use it for disinfecting your hands and other surfaces. Don't drink it or ingest

Higher Nature Colloidal Silver - take 1/2 teaspoon internally once a day. Alternatively you can spray it in your mouth - 2-3- sprays 3-5 x a day. Silver has been shown to destroy the SARS coronavirus and MRSA when taken internally.

Vitamin C - is essential for a healthy immune system. It stimulates both the production and function of white blood cells. Take at least 1 g 2 x a day. If you notice cold type of symptoms, increase the dosage to 8 g per day taken as 1 g in 2 h intervals. Taking vitamin C in larger doses may have a laxative effect on the bowel movement.

Vitamin D - is crucial to activating immune defences. You can go up to 5000 IU per day. Choose vitamin D supplements that have vitamin K2 (MK-7) added, or buy the vitamin K2 as a separate supplement. Vitamin K2 works synergistically with vitamin D and is beneficial for the immune system.

Vitamin A - has antiviral abilities and will support the immune system when it is under viral attack. It protects your respiratory mucus membranes and lining which is extremely important as Covid-19 targets the lungs and upper respiratory system. Get Vitamin A preferably from cod liver oil, liver, liver supplements as synthetic vitamin A supplements do not behave in the body the same way. For cod liver oil I recommend the brands Rosita or Nordic Naturals.

Zinc - is a negatively charged ion that has been shown to inhibit viral replication. You may take up to 60 mg a day for 1-2 months but I wouldn't recommend higher dosages or taking such dosages longer than 3 months. I recommend taking zinc in form of zinc picolinate, zinc citrate or zinc glycinate.

KI Science Liquorice - with glycyrrhizic acid has strong antiviral characteristics and inhibits the replication of several viruses including HIV, HSV and the SARS coronavirus. ( supplements that are often used for gut healing have the active compound the glycyrrhizic acid removed (DGL supplements) and won't provide the same antiviral benefits. If you don't want to buy the KI Science extract, you may drink liquorice tea instead. Please note that long term usage of glycyrrhizic acid can increase the blood pressure, so ingesting this substance is not recommended to those who have high blood pressure and are on blood pressure medication!

Quercetin - the biochemical compounds in this antioxidant have been shown to be effective against the SARS coronavirus and the Zika virus. With the spread of Covid-19 the compounds of quercetin are currently being researched and scientists are working on a formula or vaccine that can be effective for this new coronavirus. There are high hopes for this compound. But until they come up with a miracle cure, you can take quercetin in supplement form, at least 800 mg a day. If you became infected you may increase the dosage to 1600 mg. Now Foods Quercetin with added Bromelain is a good choice of brand.

Andrographis - is a broad spectrum anti-viral and furin inhibitor and for this reason it can be especially  potent in decreasing viral load induced by Covid-19 infection and increasing survival rate due to it's beneficial effects on the lungs. You can find it in supplement forms, tinctures and teas. You can take it to prevent infection, but I would definitely recommend taking it if you become ill with the coronavirus and especially if you are an elderly and have lung issues. (I will update the dosage on this in due course.)

Propolis - is a potent anti-viral enhancing immunity. Animal studies have shown to be highly effective against canine coronaviruses. I recommend taking 1-2 x 1000 mg capsule a day as a prevention. If you become ill, increase dosage to 4-6 x 1000 mg capsules daily.

Additional Supplements

Multivitamin - that contains vitamins and minerals in their optimal form that support your immune system, including B9 (in form of methyl folate), selenium and iodine. I recommend Metabolic Maintenenance Vitamin/Mineral Base powder 1 scoop a day.

Probiotic - it's a well-known fact that probiotics contribute to immunity. While I am not going into details what type of probiotics to take, I want to emphasise that it is important to take your probiotic throughout this period.

Selenium - can be helpful to prevent viral replication. Look for selenium supplement that include the form SE-methyl selenocysteine.

Food Grade Medicinal Clays - provide minerals and trace minerals for cell signalling. They contain negative ions which can attach themselves to the coronavirus' positive ions and this way neutralise or reduce the viral spread. You can choose from clays such as Bentonite clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Zeolite, Green clay, Terramin or Premium Nutriclay. Just make sure that clay is Food Grade, which means is edible for humans.

Lysine - helps zinc absorption and supports the immune system. If you have an underlying health condition or a weakened immune system, take at least 1000 mg a day.

KI Science Cistus Incanus  - helps prevent viruses from entering into the cells. Cistus incanus is also a powerful biofilm buster. You can get it in tea or tincture form from KI Science.

Chondroitin Sulfate -

Skullcap -

Calendula -